Better Than Most

I have an ugly basketball shot. The sheer number of times people have commented on my poor shooting form has made me reflect on how good we can become at doing something improperly. Some consider a healthy component of leadership to simply do the best with what we have. However, it is a reflection of poor leadership when organizations have settled into the dust of mediocrity.


One struggle is that a respectable shooting percentage can cause a lack of honest assessment.

Doing “better than most”, creates difficulty in seeing our own inefficiency, much less the energy to do something about it. Why? Because learning to revamp, realign or alter any programmed motion or routine is hard. It can take months, if not years, requiring energy, time and an abundance of humility.

strive for excellence

Does your organization stand in the camp of excellence, or in the camp of “better than most”? Organizations striving for more have a unified vision and purpose. They are purposeful in action, and foster a culture that embodies their vision. Those striving for more than others have employees who are committed to the organization.

Don’t settle for “better than most”. Don’t buy into the fear, and the appeal of comfort, that can send us all into a downward spiral that seems endless and unrelenting. You can influence your organization’s trajectory to shoot higher and achieve more. Ask two simple questions. Do you and your colleagues believe in your purpose? And, are you currently stretching to improve? These answers can allow you to examine if your organization’s desire is greatness, or to simply be “better than most”.

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