Busy, But Bored

Most people are walking are busy, yet bored because they are chasing something entirely too small.

I grew up being asked if I struggled focusing on a particular task. Some would say that I was a squirrel; all over the place with my thoughts. This was a bit humorous to me because I spent three months in speech therapy learning to clearly pronounce the word “squirrel.” Go figure. Back to the point – see how I did that. Sometimes we can feel like squirrels when we become busy. We can become bored in the busyness because it lacks a greater purpose.

To this day, I struggle with boredom. Everyone places a value on each task they are given. The value given can impact the effort, time and resources given to the task. If you believe a task you are currently dealing with is of little value, boredom can come into play.

Give the greatest value to God, and to His son Jesus. That is something that keeps my attention. God made us to look beyond self, to something much greater. We have been asked to relentlessly serve others, and to help others discover the gifts given by God.

Busyness cannot compensate for the lack of fulfillment. We need to more readily embrace the gifts we have been given, and understanding value will then be discovered.

Could it be that one of the gods of our society is busyness? Could it be that most people are walking around exceedingly busy, yet bored because they are chasing something entirely too small? Busyness cannot compensate for the lack of fulfillment, not over the long-haul.

  1. Pray about God’s purpose for your life.

Mine is simple, yet layered; INFLUENCE OTHERS TOWARD JESUS. In my work, habits, relationships. All of it. I have a deep conviction to help others see how they can reflect something greater than themselves in any task, job or relationship.

  1. Ask yourself how you can utilize your gifts to benefit others (bring value).

When you embrace Christ, you recognize that living for self is simply too small. This comes as you discover more of who God is; while simultaneously discovering more of who you are, and are not. Find one way to serve someone else after you read this. Ask yourself how you can utilize one of your gifts to benefit someone else.

  1. Identify the fear that keeps you from running hard toward your purpose.

Identifying your fear is important and can allow you to take the necessary steps to run toward something greater. It can also give the insight to have conversations you need to have with others that may fuel the fear.

I am not a squirrel. But, I do like chasing something greater than myself.

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