Time To Climb

Time to Climb: Get the right equipment, prepare, and put together a plan for success.Time to Climb

I learned how to rock climb in high school. I enjoyed being outdoors and pushing myself physically. However, I had little money to purchase the proper gear. While friends climbed with comfortable harnesses, I used a piece of webbing (I was optimistic it would hold). While others had climbing shoes, I strapped on old tennis shoes. It was entertaining to everyone, including myself, to see my subpar climbing equipment. But, I didn’t mind. I just kept climbing. I pushed myself to be more efficient with my hand and footholds. I worked on my endurance, hanging on the side of rock for an hour, sometimes longer, despite my poor equipment. The same mentality needs to be adopted when beginning any new adventure.

Finally, the day arrived when I had saved enough money for climbing shoes. I anxiously put on the new shoes and as I started to climb I felt like Spiderman. Seriously. It was amazing how much easier rock climbing became. In time, I figured out the improvement not only came from getting new equipment, it was the work I did before getting new shoes.

Time to Overcome

Perhaps you are sitting in an organization in which you don’t have the needed resources.

You can choose to strive for success regardless of missing equipment. It is your choice. Open yourself to new ideas and concepts. Get input from trusted sources and put together a game plan. Find a friend to hold you accountable to the goals you have set. Dream big. The training process will make reaching your goals that much sweeter.

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